Summer 2019


Ages 6 – 14

Training with

International Scouts

Training on

4 or 3 Days a Week

Training Report

Every Session

About the Program

The Footy4U programme has been structured and designed around the philosophy and vision that has steered our academy for 10 years and produced some of the most promising talents on the island. Our programme is divided into two main parts. Participants enjoy a morning 2-hour football session which is planned according to the technical curriculum that has been formulated by our team of coaches to provide a challenging, fun and developmental session for those who take part. The other part is composed of many various activities, which include indoor activities that are based on the multi-sport approach, where our players are exposed to pertinent football concepts through the enjoyment and perspective of another sport such as handball or basketball.Players are also given the opportunity to attend a physical oriented programme provided through our partnership with FortFitness and the team of physio’s who aim at enhancing strength & core improvement, injury prevention and other essential components of completing a football player. Furthermore, participants are exposed to swimming lessons, which are provided by qualified swimming coaches who give the players the opportunity to experience different movements and techniques in the water, which contribute to the overall development of the football player. Our activities also include Guest Speakers who attend and give insight on their experiences, challenges and always leave our players with some important advice. Players are not only expected to listen but through our Focus Groups they are provoked into thinking and contributing in a typical discussion-ambience where they play an important role in creating an interactive session on the topic at hand. At the end of every week the players are taken on a fun and exciting excursion to different establishments and activities which include Whacky Olympics, Beach Clean-Ups, Kayaking and more.


4 Days A week

2 sessions per day

20 Hours

Coaching & workshops with football coaches


Footy4U Kit



8 Weeks



6 – 14


Start dates:

8th July



€420 – €330  + €25 Footy4U Kit

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About the Coaches

Our coaches are briefed and qualified to transmit and provide the best possible values, knowledge and support to each and every participant in the programme. We ensure that our participants maximize their enjoyment, but also that they leave the pitch every single day with something that is truly purposeful to his or her development. Our programme is always being updated to continue improving and innovating and ensuring that we provide our participants with an effective and productive experience that will serve to bring about priceless opportunities which may open the gateways to a professional career.